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The entire range of swimming pool and leisure life style is our focus. We design and construct custom made pools, saunas, Jacuzzis, fountains, water falls, gardens, parks and other pool and leisure related furniture. We have technicians of exceptional skill and long experience who undertake the upkeep of the pools to give you a hassle free experience of relaxation and leisure.

Pre-project appraisal

We undertake pre-project appraisal which include on the spot survey, feasibility studies based on technical parameters and preparation of estimates of cost and completion time.

Preparation of design blueprint

The conceptual side of design blueprint is prepared by architects with unique aesthetic sense working with a team of civil, electrical and mechanical engineers. Detailed drawings attending to the minutest aspects of the project are worked out well in advance of the work to ensure the creation of a perfect work.

Project Execution

Project execution is done by seasoned construction management specialists by employing highly skilled craftsman and workers. The technical supervision of the project is constant to avoid possible procedural errors. A range of facilities like fountains, water falls, villas, recreational rooms, cafeteria, water tanks, pools, play grounds, gardens, parks, toiletries etc are built to make the swimming pool life style experience refreshing to the mind and body.

Equipment installation

The very best of equipment fail to work well if installed improperly. We install swimming pools, sauna and steam cabins, massage pools and various motors and pumps strictly following the factory instructions.


Periodic maintenance of the premises, pools and equipment are essential for happy swimming pool life style experience. We undertake the general maintenance of the pool, premises and equipment to ensure the comfort of our clients and the prolonged life of the equipment to avoid costly repairs due to neglect. We ensure proper sterilization of and cleaning of the pool and check the quality and strength of the various chemicals.

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  • Swimming Pool Accessories
  • Pool Care Equipment
  • Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Pumps and Filters
  • Splashes
  • Dehumidifiers, Heating or Cooling Pumps
  • Saunas, Spas and Steam Rooms
  • Pool Tiles